Sep 22, 2012

Happy Ganesh Chathurthi! :)

Hope everyone is having a good festival season! I wanted to share my play-doh ganesha creation. I guess this is why I love my career choice - play-based therapy! Play-doh creations are so much fun. Here's to hoping neshi clears everyone's obstacles! Happy Vinayakar Chathurthi! :) Eat lots of kozhakattai's!

Jul 29, 2012

Sweet Carnival

Sweet Carnival Published in Keel Magazine

Model: Makaela Maran
Make up & Hair: Emalyn D
Designs: Carolina Cecena

Behind the Scenes: Freida Kahlo

Today was an amazing day as I can say I have just shot on of my favorite editorials! I was steaming this idea for quite a while and found this wonderful team that just made everything perfect. Here is the look behind the scenes of this shoot. I cannot wait to share the full editorial - but can only do that as soon as its published! (excited face!) I hope I do more amazing shoots just like this one. Thank you!


Jul 22, 2012


Summer's Play
Model: Kayla Cashman (my precious :P)
Make up: Lauren
Hair: Katherine
Photography: Pavithra (me)

About a year ago - April 22nd of 2011 - I photographed Kayla Cashman. I always think of her as my lucky charm because she was the first girl I shot an editorial with and we got it published: Heritage of Feathers in Racing Minds Magazine. It really feels like I have grown this past year. It is the first shot that got published in Vogue. Now I can say I got VOGUE-d! :] Here is the pictures and with the Vogue water mark (love!). 

Jul 21, 2012

Spark Me Saturdays: Who inspires you?

Recently I have been very active on Flickr. Yes - Flickr I'm finally back and now Im ready to share more time. I have set a small goal of having one photograph of mine be explored. None of my pictures have reached the Explored lounge and Ive always wanted them to. Learning that reaching people through social media is not only about creativity, but also the time and reach you create. Yes most successes happen just over night - thats called Luck- which happens to some.  Then there are other like me who just have to build towards something. Dont know what that something is yet. Hopefully building up for success.  

Ok so now that I've shared this, here are a few artists on Flickr that have inspired me and they show creativity at the best. I am going to include small pictures (go to the link for bigger pictures) since it might be under copyright infringement blah blah. you know. So their name and link are provided. :] 

Happy Saturday! Hope these ladies Spark you to go out and enjoy your day! 


:: Kristy MitchellRosie Hardy : Lara JadeJingna Zhang : La caitlin : Ann he ::


Jul 7, 2012

Spark Me Saturday's: A Happy Intro

This month - yes this very month- I've decided I have lots to say. And where better place than my blog!  And no this isn't going to stop...I think I want to be more active. And here is my attempt to be more active. Every other Saturday I've decided to share goals, new videos I enjoyed, thoughts, process, randomness...etc...etc...anything - anything I am ready to share. Thus came the title: Spark Me Saturday's. Why the word Spark? Well, we all need a little spark or Inspiration for creativity.

Lets start

I am a big music buff. I love all types- I could never particularly say I am drawn to one. Recently I have been avoiding pop - no katy perrys no rihannas. I find them just blahing it out. Here is one of my favorite from this year: Jason Mraz baby! This one's just smooth and nice. And what's more inspiring than the words: I wont give up :]

Vimeo is just awesome and they awarded their Grand Prize winner. I'm in love with the video - very simple thought but very powerful. I enjoy the simplicity. 

Symmetry from Everynone on Vimeo.

I am always in love with TED. I think every morning should start with a TED talk. I love love love the ones that inspire you and the ones that share such deep stories. Also the top TED's (for me) are technology in Photography. Here is a very interesting TED on Light Field of Photography (Lytro):

Now lets look at some pictures just cus:


Jul 5, 2012

Is it Time to update?

So I have been dreaming about a dslr that shoots video. I mean I still love photography but the fun things you could do with the extra jump! Ah - priceless! :] I remember when I first got 5D mark 1 - thats called love at first sight! and I still love it - no plans on selling it. I mean its my first camera in this business. So its not going anywhere. But would love to add Canon 5D Mark III or the Canon 1Dx for that matter. But the price in 1Dx is just waaaaay too much for me! (anyone want to donate now? :P the poor photographer needs the nice camera fund!)

My Canon 5D Mark 1

So Why now?
1. My camera still shoots 12megapixels - Its awesome for web photos but I think phone camera's have better pixels :[
2. Its plain and simple which I love love love! Thats what photography is all about - no technical info. but wouldn't it be great to go from 9 point focus to 61 point focus- wooosh!
3. VIDEO!! With the line up of lenses that I have collected over the few year - this will be awesome to mess around with! :]

What do you think? New camera worth the price? 

Jun 29, 2012

RAW: Solstice San Diego

I love going out and sharing my photographs. Its much more fun when you see a viewer passing by ...then come strolling right back and look at each picture in detail. Thats exactly what RAW does for me. RAW: natural born artist is a great platform for showcasing new work and networking. Its a great place to learn customer service and showcase work in a unique-gallery type way. It was a lot of fun and so so so happy to say Ive SOLD my first ever prints $$! :] Thanks once again for supporting me. So here is a collage of pictures of the show/video of me being silly and just giving you a gist of the environment. Please keep following my work on Youtube, Facebook and here! :]

Jun 14, 2012

Iguana Photoshoot : Behind the Scenes

Finally here is the Behind the Scenes Video from the Iguana shoot. Please support my work and help me reach out more people with my work by subscribing to my feed on Youtube, Blog and Facebook. Thanks for all the support! :] 

May 19, 2012

Iguana Photoshoot

I think the title of the shoot says its all! My Make up artist from the spring shoot had pet iguanas and she asked if I would shoot them - since they would be a great subject for a shoot. And since my make up artist is a gorgeous girl I decided she should pose with them. Here are the results from this shoot. All of the pictures were shot in her backyard creek. I think it was a lovely day and iguana's just added beautiful color to the shoot. 

Model/Make up Artist: Lauren Marlin
Make up Artist: Rebecca Schnell
Photographer: Pavithra (me)

Apr 22, 2012

A Letter

I love getting emails about compliments and criticism, good or bad. I mean who doesn't?  I look forward to these emails! :] So I got a really nice letter and thought this was a good time to share it since its been exactly a year since I photographed my first editorial in April 2011. I've learnt so much in this year and I thought by sharing this email I would share how much I've learnt. Photography grows with a person and I totally believe that where I am and what I am is because of all the mistakes and lessons I've made. "There is only one thing more painful than learning from experience and that is not learning from experience." - Archibald MacLeish

the letter:

Hi Pavithra,

My name is Anonymous and I want to be a fashion/lifestyle photographer. I have been following your blog and your amazing progress. I have a camera, Canon Rebel T3, and 50mm 1.8 lens that I love. But I haven't done any real shooting with them because I can't get vendors to invest their time in styled shoots and I lack confidence in my skills.
Can you give me some advice on how to start? I really hate my job right now and would like to pursue photography full time but I have limited means. How did you start? Do you have a part time job that you use to supply your photographic business with? I don't know if I should quit my job and start freelance photographing. Please advice. I will really appreciate it.

Hi Anonymous

Thank you for following my work and blog. I have heard Canon rebel T3 is a nice camera and I also own 50mm 1.8 :]. I started out the same way. I had a Canon Rebel T1 and few kit lenses and started photographing nature and animals. They seemed to be the easiest subject and readily available. This helped me learn about lighting techniques working in different environments and helped me figure out what to focus on. Once you feel like you understand light its easier to switch to people and fashion. And one tip is: try to always shoot in Manual mode. That's when you really understand all parts of the camera and controlling light. :]
The first portraits where of my dogs before I started bugging my brother to pose for me. lol! :P Anyways I know this is a weird question but Where do you live? Most places have model/photographer scouting websites that you could use to build your portfolio. After I photographed my brother I put them up on the model websites to get actual aspiring models to work with me. And soon figured out we need make up artists and hair stylist to get your vision. Photography techniques where all learnt thru trial and error. I bet you the models I worked with in the beginning where frustrated with what i gave them :P. Its definitely a learning process.
As for the success of the business - if its based on money then I can easily say I am still not successful. If its based on people and connections - I know I have grown so much to work with some great artists. I do have a part time job currently that pays for my passion in Photography. One day I do hope I can earn in this passion. So for now stick to your job and use your free time for your passion. :] Photography is such a job that you could fit it anytime of the day! I spend every evening and weekend on it! Hope this helps.

Thank you once again for all your support. And if you need any technique question...please feel free to ask! I would be more than happy to share the details. Thanks! :]


Kind regards

~ Pavithra Ramasubramanian




Apr 9, 2012

Happy Spring!

I had the priviledge of working with a wonderful local designer. Her work is beyond amazing. The style and the cut of the clothes are something that pleased me. Here is the behind the scenes video from this shoot. And yes we have bunnies...bounce bounce! :]

Apr 3, 2012

Photoshoot: Indian Saree with Bali

The final images from Bali's Photoshoot are out. I wanted to style a shoot entirely traditional indian style and I thought Bali would best choice for this. She is a good friend of mine so it was easy to ask her to model for me. Here are the shots. Would love to hear your feedback! :]

Mar 25, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Bali

Photoshoot with my big sister: Bali Soundaran. Here is the behind the scenes of this shoot. I wanted to capture classic indian style pictures and found locations best suited for them. Hope you enjoy! Share your thoughts! thanks.

Published: Young Soldiers in Coco Magazine

Mar 23, 2012

Canon 5D Mark III is out!

So the Mark 3 - long awaited is out. I still own a Mark 1 - did I say MARK ONE!!! I wanted to update but seems like the update with 14% increase in Price is an expensive update! Does someone want to donate one to me :P Well I guess its time to start saving up!

Mar 12, 2012

Behind the Scenes: International Citizens Photoshoot

So my wonderful make up artist - Chaya organized another great shoot. This time it was military fashion with horses. The shoot consisted of 9 models and 9 photographers creating a crazy hoolabaloo. But it was total fun. We had time to connect and share ideas as we shot. Here is a quick behind the scenes video of our shoot with the my pictures. Enjoy!

Behind the Scenes:
Photographer: Pavithra

MUA: Chaya {Claudia Nunez}
Hair: Alexandra Plankey
Designers: i.CTZN
international citizen design house
Sheena Gao & Laura Krusemark
Model: Kayla Cashman, Traelee Costello, & Joell Posey

Music : Inside and Out by Las Robertas
Album: Sí San José

Mar 10, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Georgie Photoshoot

Here are some quick behind the scenes pictures of todays photoshoot. Cant wait to share the behind the scenes video as well as the photos.

Mar 9, 2012

Behind The Scenes: Brett Siegel Wedding Photography

I love this couple photographer - Brett and Liz Photography. They have helped me understand the importance of people skills. They are a wonderful couple that used me as a model for their pet photography portfolio. And ever since then I have always tried to get their guidance. Brett and Liz met at photography school. So they have a lot to offer as a couple when it comes to understanding teamwork, techniques in photography and marketing. Here is quick look at the their wedding shoot for an online wedding magazine. I was their assistant for the day.