Jan 18, 2012

Avant Garde Photoshoot

These are the results from the Avant Garde styled shoot on Jan 7th, 2012. I had just returned from India a day earlier and it was nice to know that I was doing a shoot with wonderful artists from San Diego. Check out these pictures and cant wait to share them published in G.O.O.D.S Magazine.

Photographer: Pavithra

MUA: Chaya - Claudia Nunez

Hair: Badri Kermani

Designer: Elina Sheripova

Jan 9, 2012

Paris: Le Premier Jour

Paris Day 1. I started towards Sacre Coeur Mont Marc the first morning in Paris. I traveled to the metro, keeping an eye out for Eiffel tower along the way (four metro stops away...how close is that!! :]). Through out the time all I could think to myself was: I don't think ive been to a more beautiful city. Or at least not yet. So I started out at Sacre Coeur and headed to Saint Michel. I think because of how much time I spend in each place - taking it in and enjoying the architecture- I could only cover two to three places each day. I guess I am tourist who believes in spending some time rather than rushing through. Here are pictures from the first days journey.

Jan 7, 2012

Avant Garde Style Shoot

Here is a look behind the scenes from today's shoot. I loved the team. Everything was ready when I got there. Spent about 2 hours just shooting and having fun. Everyone was on top of their game. I have to do a special shout out to Claudia the MUA for getting this together. Thanks and cant wait to work on more fun shoots like today's! Stay tuned for the results! :]

Jan 1, 2012


So Thought I would start the new year with my BIG resolution. Usually you hear about my past - a year recap and what my goals are for this new year. This time I think I want to make it sweet and short! so here it goes! :]

Do everything with a Kolaveri (rage)!

CNN says its Murderous rage - but Im not gonna murder anyone.
You might ask : Why this Kolaveri di?

my answer: Life needs some Kolaveri! :]

And for those worried about 2012 being the end- i think u need to take this attitude :]

Enjoy~ And Wish you all a very Happy New Year! :]