Jul 5, 2012

Is it Time to update?

So I have been dreaming about a dslr that shoots video. I mean I still love photography but the fun things you could do with the extra jump! Ah - priceless! :] I remember when I first got 5D mark 1 - thats called love at first sight! and I still love it - no plans on selling it. I mean its my first camera in this business. So its not going anywhere. But would love to add Canon 5D Mark III or the Canon 1Dx for that matter. But the price in 1Dx is just waaaaay too much for me! (anyone want to donate now? :P the poor photographer needs the nice camera fund!)

My Canon 5D Mark 1

So Why now?
1. My camera still shoots 12megapixels - Its awesome for web photos but I think phone camera's have better pixels :[
2. Its plain and simple which I love love love! Thats what photography is all about - no technical info. but wouldn't it be great to go from 9 point focus to 61 point focus- wooosh!
3. VIDEO!! With the line up of lenses that I have collected over the few year - this will be awesome to mess around with! :]

What do you think? New camera worth the price? 

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