Jul 29, 2011

A Heritage of Feathers Editorial

Very excited to share my first Editorial Published in Racing Minds Magazine. The pictures are from the past shoot- inspired by Native Indian Look titled A Heritage of Feathers. Do check out the entire magazine and my photos! Thanks for all the support :]

Racing Minds Magazine August 2011 pt.2
A Heritage of Feathers

Photography&Styling: Pavithra
MUA&Hair: Cydney Hernandez
Model: Kayla Cashman

Jul 1, 2011

Big Sur & Along the Way

Big Sur, CA

We spent few days driving to Big Sur from San Diego this summer. OMG it was such an amazing drive. I have to say I got extra proud that I live in Cali because of this drive. The drive was super fun- Ocean on one side and cliffs/rocks on the other. And the weather was just perfect! Super sun + occasional rain clouds! And I have to mention the Water! The Ocean color was in a blissful blue. A color you do not see in San Diego and more like it should have been part of a tropical island. I probably stopped at every corner of the drive to take pictures because everything was so beautiful. The flower bloom just gave this place extra colors to catch your eyes. I spent sunset at what I call the Paradise Falls, which is actually the McWay falls at Pfeiffer State Park. I call it the Paradise falls because I think I probably have seen in my dreams as the perfect paradise. No humans at the beach - just the sea, sand and water. Big Sur is a must go place for anyone!

Pismo Beach

Santa Cruz Natural Bridge

Big Sur Beach

Bixby Bridge


Paradise Falls - McWay Fall