Apr 22, 2010

Self Portrait: Month April

C'est Moi!
Focal length: 50mm
Shutter speed: 1/13
ISO: 100
Aperture: f/4.0

Here is a happy green shot I took for this month. Sorry for the delay- I have been going through some family stuff. This one was taken in the front yard of a house on my street. They had couple of beautiful trees that I thought would make a nice self-portrait. I shot it during sunset time with the "magic light."

You guys don't know much about me other than my pictures and so I thought I would take this chance to introduce myself a little bit. Lets see.. i was born in India (Tamil Nadu) and brought up here in San Diego most of my life. I speak my mother tongue fluently (Tamil) and you might be amazed that most of it is without an American accent! yay! I also speak/understand French, Spanish, Hindi, Malayalam and of course English! :) Ive learnt carnatic (traditional Indian) music for 12 years and can sing ok (not great- i shud have practiced more :P). Ive finished my Bachelors in Science in Human Biology and i am jobless. I hope to pursue a career with photography and biology by working with nature and animals (natgeo wud be awesome!) - my dream for now. I enjoy shooting beauty (un-egotistical people included), hanging out with my energized puppies, spending days with mommy, watching puffy clouds, eating chocolate, having rainy days, walking in calm beaches, singing beautiful melody that i cant get out my head, and enjoying every part of life.

Enjoy this picture and please introduce yourself further in the comment box or thru email! thanx.

Apr 12, 2010

Life is Wonderful

Today, I made a short HD video. Had one of the most beautiful days in terms of weather here in San Diego with rain and then sunshine and then rain again! funky and fun! And it was my birthday! YAY! So hung out with family, friends and dogs! Had lots of fun and relaxed a bit! and then shot the video! :) For the first time I used my dad's Nikon D90! I kno...I went to the dark side since Im a CANON Girl! but my 5D doesnt have video, so used his camera to make a small video! first video! :) My inspiration was Jason Mraz song 'Life is Wonderful'. So enjoy! do tell me how it is (other than the shakey/wind blowing part!)
Thanks everyone!!!

Blogger Video Version:

Vimeo Video Version (fullscreen!):

Life is Wonderful from Pavithra Photography on Vimeo.