Mar 12, 2012

Behind the Scenes: International Citizens Photoshoot

So my wonderful make up artist - Chaya organized another great shoot. This time it was military fashion with horses. The shoot consisted of 9 models and 9 photographers creating a crazy hoolabaloo. But it was total fun. We had time to connect and share ideas as we shot. Here is a quick behind the scenes video of our shoot with the my pictures. Enjoy!

Behind the Scenes:
Photographer: Pavithra

MUA: Chaya {Claudia Nunez}
Hair: Alexandra Plankey
Designers: i.CTZN
international citizen design house
Sheena Gao & Laura Krusemark
Model: Kayla Cashman, Traelee Costello, & Joell Posey

Music : Inside and Out by Las Robertas
Album: Sí San José

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