Jul 21, 2012

Spark Me Saturdays: Who inspires you?

Recently I have been very active on Flickr. Yes - Flickr I'm finally back and now Im ready to share more time. I have set a small goal of having one photograph of mine be explored. None of my pictures have reached the Explored lounge and Ive always wanted them to. Learning that reaching people through social media is not only about creativity, but also the time and reach you create. Yes most successes happen just over night - thats called Luck- which happens to some.  Then there are other like me who just have to build towards something. Dont know what that something is yet. Hopefully building up for success.  

Ok so now that I've shared this, here are a few artists on Flickr that have inspired me and they show creativity at the best. I am going to include small pictures (go to the link for bigger pictures) since it might be under copyright infringement blah blah. you know. So their name and link are provided. :] 

Happy Saturday! Hope these ladies Spark you to go out and enjoy your day! 


:: Kristy MitchellRosie Hardy : Lara JadeJingna Zhang : La caitlin : Ann he ::


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