Feb 28, 2011

Portrait Session: Kavi

My Good friend wanted to get herself some nice pictures and decided to do a fun session with me. It all came together at random but we finally got to the place at sunset and got these few shots. Oh and I did her makeup...proud moment AHH! ;) It was total fun photographing such a beautiful person and I have to say she was super cute! Yay kuvz! Hope you love these shots just as much as I do.

Feb 26, 2011

Rain Dance

Today was a Rainy day and I felt like taking pictures. So here are some shots thru the window. I thought this quote was perfect for what I felt the entire day: " If you think sunshine brings happiness then you haven't danced in the rain." Enjoy!

Feb 14, 2011

Yosemite National Park

Headed to Yosemite, my usual destination. I don't think anyone needs words to explain this location. The week before heading to Yosemite, I sat around watching videos and reading techniques on Ansel Adams, one of my heroes :], watching his capture process and post processing. I usually do a look before on ways to capture a place or helpful tips as to what you can expect, and also the sunset times (like most photogs now). Ive been to this place way too many times and have everything memorized. But this time I wanted to capture just like Ansel! The only thing added at post processing was a yellow tinted photo filter to get that old effect. If you know how to get that in camera do let me know but this was the only way I could get it.

Moon and Half Dome

Moon and Half Dome

Cathedral Spires and Rocks

Please do comment and tell me what you think. And just fyi here is one of many youtube videos that gave info on Ansel's process:

Wanted to end with this cute quote: “Dodging and burning are steps to take care of mistakes God made in establishing tonal relationships.” :P

Feb 12, 2011

Photoshoot: Model Liz

An aspiring model -Liz Chen- approached with a wonderful idea: to create a shoot inspired by a recent movie named Black Swan. Since I hadn't seen the movie (and still haven't -tsk tsk) I just went with the flow of the shoot. The place is a neighbourhood park that I adore. The trees and field give a nice look to these pictures. Most of the shots are serious. Please comment on your favs! Really helps me! Thank you!

Feb 9, 2011

Photoshoot: Model Kalah

Another shoot on the same day. Again a lot of post processing work since I had to color correct and figure out skin tones. But it was a good learning process. Hope you enjoy these shots. This is way different from the other model - that's why didnt combine them in a shot. These shots are more up in the air, which gave a total different look to the shoot. The model is Kalah Hendericks - beautiful tall and energetic. I say she is energetic because she had soo much energy to constantly give me jumping shots and look good. It was totally fun to shoot her. The MUA is once again the wonderful Diana Rodriguez. Check these out and tell what you think! thank you :]

Model: Kalah Henderson
MUA: Diana Rodriguez

Photoshoot: Model Lidia

These were shot in my (home) studio. Ive been trying to build a good portfolio and working on understanding lights and angles. I have to say more than photographing its the post processing thats taking forever. Since Im still pretty new to Photoshop - its been pretty hard to understand skin tones and color correction. Thanks to hours of youtube videos and post processing help...ive come this far. Here are shots of a wonderful model: Lidia Domagalska. She gave me some beautiful looks especially the feather! And i have to give all props to the MUA: Diana Rodriguez who did such a wonderful job with her eyes. Thanks! Do comment and tell me which photo pleases u more so I get an idea of public appeal! :]

Girl with the Feather


Black and White


Model: Lidia Domagalska
MUA: Diana Rodriguez

Feb 8, 2011

Ocean Series III: Seals

Make Funny Faces

I decided to head to the children's pool (famous location in La Jolla, San Diego) to take portraits of some of the beautiful seal's that live there. It is wonderful to see how calm these animals are, especially with so many tourists around. More power to animals for coping with humans, even if we disturb them so much. Anyways here are some funny seals who gave some brilliant looks at the photographer! ;]

I Believe I can fly

Near the heart

Im So Sleepy