Jun 29, 2012

RAW: Solstice San Diego

I love going out and sharing my photographs. Its much more fun when you see a viewer passing by ...then come strolling right back and look at each picture in detail. Thats exactly what RAW does for me. RAW: natural born artist is a great platform for showcasing new work and networking. Its a great place to learn customer service and showcase work in a unique-gallery type way. It was a lot of fun and so so so happy to say Ive SOLD my first ever prints $$! :] Thanks once again for supporting me. So here is a collage of pictures of the show/video of me being silly and just giving you a gist of the environment. Please keep following my work on Youtube, Facebook and here! :]

Jun 14, 2012

Iguana Photoshoot : Behind the Scenes

Finally here is the Behind the Scenes Video from the Iguana shoot. Please support my work and help me reach out more people with my work by subscribing to my feed on Youtube, Blog and Facebook. Thanks for all the support! :]