Dec 31, 2010

A Year in Review

As today marks the last day of this year 2010, I thought I would take some time to post quick highlights from this year. Ive actually been looking forward to the new year. With that being said I do not mean Im not thankful for 2010. I think all the ups and downs have some sort of play in our life- and gets you grounded.

This is my last of self-portraits goals -shot with a Nikon D90 on the last day of the year. My family and I were vacationing at Santa Barbara/Solvang. This was shot just as the sun was setting and I just took a few minutes to enjoy it and soak it in. It is beautifully blue!

I had set a lot of goals for 2010 and I would say I have not completed most. I realize sometimes life can take you in an unplanned path - good or bad we wont know until we reach the end. So I want to just share the good from this year:

  • doing a photoshoot with models - working with people your not use to
  • getting a job in a studio - learning the work flow
  • being able to pour my heart out in tiffinbox - i got a lot of good response
  • a new light - opens new doors in photography ;]
  • and getting in front of the camera with self portraits- always a good way to build confidence
I didnt want to do too much of a detailed post since I want to keep the new year open to change. Here's to the new year...cheers! ;]

Dec 25, 2010

Merry Xmas!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Holiday season and Merry Xmas! Here is the Grinch's dog stealing Xmas! No not Max but its our dog Amigo! :)

Dec 9, 2010

Lighting with McNally

Attended my first ever workshop today! Its was none other than Joe McNally. I was amazed at how many people turned out to this event. It just shows how much photography has become a serious business. All I can say from this is if you ever get the chance to see one of his workshops- TAKE IT! I learned so much and cant wait to try it. So I just wanted to share my experience and say he probably one of the best teachers when it comes to lighting. and hella funny as well! ;] makes it quite an entertaining workshop! I will share with you guys each set up as I do some test shoots. takecarez

Dec 5, 2010

Fall in December

Although Fall is not celebrated much in California because of our beautiful sun we still get the occasional color change. This year Fall came late in Southern California. And I was waiting for it with a camera in hand ofcourse. ;] here are some pictures from a local park: