Dec 24, 2013

The White Princess for Jute Magazine

Editorial: The White Princess for Jute Magazine

Photography: Pavithra Ramasubramanian
Designer: Iselle Nguyen of Creative Boutique by Iselle
Model: Julia Ziegenbein
Make up and Hair: Lauren Nicole-Mua
Jewelry: Flights of Fancy

So happy to say, after a long pause, I am back in full swing. Here is an editorial I shot in October for December issue of Jute Magazine. The reason this shoot came through was for the location. Its an old watch tower near Dana Point on Victoria Beach-Laguna Beach. It makes for a great castle feel and gives a romantic look. I love capturing such beautiful architecture and tell a story with it. Here is my story of a young princess who is going to be the White Queen.  The White Queen is a major part of the book: Alice in Wonderland. Here I made the character more of a younger version. Check out the editorial on the link and please do share your thoughts. 

Thank you

Nov 28, 2013


Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you are having a wonderful time with your family. Today I spent most of my day finishing of my final work for the art I started yesterday. Here is my painting of Krishna.

Oct 19, 2013

Behind the Scenes: White Princess Photoshoot

Today, I spent a lot of time driving to this location and setting up the shoot. Lot of things had gone wrong initially and the shoot was a little uncertain because of everyones travel time. But in the end I am so glad it happened so well. All the uncertainty went away when I saw the designer and make up had already started. Basically, it was all about the location and and the climate around it. Here is the behind the scenes look - pictures from designers and make up artists instagrams:


Oct 2, 2013

Vogue'd: Breathe

Model: Traelee Costello 
Designer: Kenneth Barlis 
MUA: Chaya 
Hair: Katherine
Photography: Pavithra Ramasubramanian

Mar 30, 2013

Smell the flowers

Vogue'd Uno Mas! 
Its always wonderful being recognized in Vogue Italia. Here is another one of my shots that was approved. check out the look...eeks...excitement! I hope to keep pursuing this journey. no matter what the bumps and holes I have to cross over. I really hope you as an audience understand that a Photographer doesn't just mean taking pictures because you own a camera and you know the technique of proper lighting. Its about expression. A visual personality. Its about color. The feel. I love this capture and it is one of my favorite shoots thus far. Especially because we got to play with bunnies.

Photographer: Pavithra Ramasubramanian

Model: Claressa Slaughter
Designer: Krystalyn Carmelo
Make Up & Hair: Lauren Marlin