c'est moi! :)

 Chocolates are part of my food pyramid.
My family is my backbone.
I live in the classiest city in the world, San Diego.
I like running outside rather than inside.
Whenever I feel down I play tag with my puppies and they just bring me right back up.
Rainy days make me happy. The earth feels clean.
And I'm glad you are here :]

Im a self-taught photographer. Im following my dream and taking the risk, thanks to my loving mother who inspires me to do what I love. Her name is Akila- meaning Universe in my language and she is really my Universe! :) So thanks Amma for everything.  I love traveling and exploring with my camera. 

I want to thank you for visiting my site and commenting on the posts. I really enjoy reading all your thoughts. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to buy prints or publish my work. I live in San Diego, CA. 

Contact me at:
email: pavithraphotography@gmail.com

Thank you
Pavithra Meera Ramasubramanian


Anonymous said...

Hi Pavithra:

My good wishes to you for your passion to get you to where you want to be. I found some information that might prove useful to you.

1] There is a school of photography in Texas where most aspiring photographers get trained with a course. They also form useful contacts when they attend this school. More details at http://www.texasschool.org/

2]Networking is the key. So people attend conventions to form contacts - particularly one in New Orleans. See http://pro.pictage.com/community/ppc/neworleans/

3] See http://www.thejoyofmarketing.com/ to get ideas on how to market your skill

Good luck!

Pavithra said...

Hi anonymous.. at present I am still in the process of developing a website and definitely need the marketing skills u mentioned about. Thank you for pointing me to some directions. Will try and take some courses. :]

Anonymous said...

No problem.. not sure if you are aware of this photo submission thing in National geographic..


Take a look..may b this gives some ways to exposing your talent and also network with others..

Ruchi said...

Hello Pavithra! I chanced upon your blog quite unexpectedly but I just had to stop by and let you know that I love your work so far (yes I saw ALL of your pix on this blog in a day .. I could not resist ;) )
I wish you all the best for your endeavors and hope that I can learn from you too (I have always loved photography but only recently did I decide to pursue it seriously)
And must say you have awesome parents! :) Mine think I'm wasting my time with cameras ;) but I love them for letting me do what I want anyways ;)
A toast to parents! :)

Pavithra said...

thanks ruchi! i have to admit at first it was hard to convince my parents...but once they got around its totally good! :] def toast to parents. i would be nothing without them! :]

Victor! said...

Proud of you! Keep on keeping on!

((rQ)) said...

good luck pavithra!!!
stay passionate and your journey will be so much wonderful!!!

lots and lots of good wishes to you!