May 26, 2011

RAW Show

Just wanted to share that the show went amazing!!! :] The best of my friends came and supported me and I made soo many new friends and contacts! It was too much fun! :] Wanted to share the display with you. It was hard at first figuring out set up and lighting was tough to deal with but the end result was mind blowing. Hoping to do more shows like these! Yay for first showcase!

Here is the Facebook link to pictures from the show: RAW San Diego showcase

Thanks to all those who came! you made my day!

ps: here is the link if you couldn't click thru:

May 18, 2011

RAW to show

Ive been invited to show at a Local Artists showcase. Raw Natural Born artists - an independent arts organization, for artists, by artists and I have been invited to show at the INCITE showcase this month on the 26th evening. Im so excited/nervous/unprepared!! eek! but if you are in town...come out and support local talents! There are wonderful bands playing, other photographers and different artists. Its going to be a fun show! Just message me back and I will get you a ticket! Thanks for all the support!

May 2, 2011

Self Portrait: Park Bench

Self Portrait shot just for fun this weekend. Something fun and something natural. Hope you like it! :]