Jul 7, 2012

Spark Me Saturday's: A Happy Intro

This month - yes this very month- I've decided I have lots to say. And where better place than my blog!  And no this isn't going to stop...I think I want to be more active. And here is my attempt to be more active. Every other Saturday I've decided to share goals, new videos I enjoyed, thoughts, process, randomness...etc...etc...anything - anything I am ready to share. Thus came the title: Spark Me Saturday's. Why the word Spark? Well, we all need a little spark or Inspiration for creativity.

Lets start

I am a big music buff. I love all types- I could never particularly say I am drawn to one. Recently I have been avoiding pop - no katy perrys no rihannas. I find them just blahing it out. Here is one of my favorite from this year: Jason Mraz baby! This one's just smooth and nice. And what's more inspiring than the words: I wont give up :]

Vimeo is just awesome and they awarded their Grand Prize winner. I'm in love with the video - very simple thought but very powerful. I enjoy the simplicity. 

Symmetry from Everynone on Vimeo.

I am always in love with TED. I think every morning should start with a TED talk. I love love love the ones that inspire you and the ones that share such deep stories. Also the top TED's (for me) are technology in Photography. Here is a very interesting TED on Light Field of Photography (Lytro):

Now lets look at some pictures just cus:


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