Sep 30, 2010

Working for a Studio

So I have just started working for a local photographer to get the knowledge of Studio style photography. Its at a wonderful location here in San Diego and the best of all the photographer - Jessica (my boss) is a very wonderful person to work with. She is very kind, teaches me photoshop techniques, shows me what I can do to improve on business side (which i have none of) and shows her work flow. It has been a great experience since I get to see from assisting at the shoots to doing the lightroom and photoshop workflow all the way to printing and handing it to the customers. Oh did I say she has the best models!! Babies! :) So here is her website: check out the wonderful baby and family photography! :) thanks

Sep 26, 2010

Self Portrait: Month September

My Persona

This months Self Portrait (which doesnt have me) is based on flickr blog post on Personas - It was a very inspiring idea. Your persona based on what u carry in your purse or valet. This was the day after my Jury Duty and thought I would capture all the stuff I had taken for my boredom. :) I still havent figured out what it says about me other than an over packer! What does your valet/purse say about you? :)

Sep 24, 2010

National Geographic : Daily Dozen

I take any part of making National Geographic serious. I know that there are probably millions of pictures making through the National Geographic but when I saw my photo make the Daily Dozen yesterday, I was jumping with joy. :] My dream is to make it on National geographic (just like any other photographer.) So here is the share: September 23, 2010:

also check out My Shot gallery and you can create your own as well! :]

Sep 11, 2010

September 11

On this sad day I wanted to share with you guys a picture shot by photographer Richard Drew from AP. Its the famous picture of September 11 attacks- called The Falling Man. It still gives me goose bumps from looking at this picture. I guess you could say it is one of those days that will be remembered for very long time in our history. I just wanted to write this post saying I still remember. Here is the picture:

peace & love

Sep 2, 2010

A New Light!

Ive been wanting to go professional and wanted to explore with more light. I saved up enough money from work and other gifts to buy myself a nice piece of Alienbees Light system! :] I had done some research and Alienbees seemed to be one of the most affordable and best quality. I got the AB800s with a 10'' light stand and a beauty dish. I choose the beauty dish (not a soft box) because i like the catch light in the eye. Hopefully I can arrange some shoots to get going on my professional portfolio. Here is how the light system looks! :]