Aug 30, 2011

Behind the Scenes: With Each Cup of Tea

Just wanted to drop by and share a quick behind the scenes look at the previous photoshoot. This is more of a Behind the scenes of the Photoshop work. The shoot was set so that we had the back light of the setting sun. In this case the models were positioned with the setting sun towards our left more than their back. So I had to placed the black diffuser to block light from hitting the models since the nearby tree was causing weird shadows. Then I shot the tree separately which was placed back during photoshop. And I added some highlights of evening sun setting in photoshop color correction. Thanks and do share if you have a different technique that you use.


Here are more behind the scenes shot of the actual day:

Aug 29, 2011

With Each Cup of Tea (cont'd)

I wanted to share more from the recent shoot. I enjoyed creating this shoot. Will share some behind the scenes shot to show you how hard the MUA and Designer worked. Thanks guys for a wonderful work. I think the result has turned out beautifully! The models were super gorgeous and the day and location was perfect for this shoot. :]

Models: Monica Vetter and Jade Tyler

Designer: Melissa K Raphael

MUA: Cydney Hernandez

Aug 27, 2011

With Each Cup of Tea

I shot my third editorial couple weekends ago at a neighborhood close by. I have been passing this place for quite some time and watched the late bloom hit this summer. When I contacted the designer she requested a flowery place and this spot just fell in perfectly. Here are my favorite shots from this shoot. Please do share your thoughts and comments as they help me progress and learn this art better. Thank you for your kindness.

Models: Monica Vetter and Jade Tyler

Designer: Melissa K Raphael

MUA: Cydney Hernandez

Aug 22, 2011

Wild Air Editorial

Model: Alexis MC @ No Ties Management
MUA&Hair: Cydney Hernandez
Styling&Photography: Pavithra

Do share your thoughts about these shots. Shot these as the sun was setting. :]

Aug 5, 2011

Eternal Sunshine Editorial

Another publishing of my pictures in magazine called: SUGARKISS MAGAZINE. Super excited because this was their premier issue making it a honor for my pictures to be in it. The pictures are from a recent shoot of an Agency represented model: Alexis. Titled Eternal sunshine, the shots were taken with natural light. Here is the link:

Thanks for all the support! Much appreciated :]

Aug 1, 2011

Moon Tonight

Moon was gorgeous tonight. Couldnt stop from putting my camera down until it set. It took me couple of tries to get this capture. I love photographing the moon. I always end up singing that line from Mulan - " Mysterious as the dark side of the moon" :]