Jul 30, 2014

Elephant Head Wall Decor

I love doing projects around the house, especially ones that involve decor. I came across an old Indian Elephant Head decor at my parents place. I really liked it (since Im crazy about elephants) and decided that it would look better with a modern twist. So I decided to spray paint it White. Here are the results:

I began by taking the head out into our backyard. I sanded down the wooden head piece and then prepped it for spray paint. Using RustOleum's primer+white spray paint, I sprayed the head evenly. Unfortunately the paint didnt stick too well and started have some pink spots. I ended up liking this look.

After spray paint and a day of good drying outside. I used Craft smart's Gold paint pen to highlight some of the decorations. I really like how it looks now in my room. Here is a view of it in my room.