Nov 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Having started this blog beginning of this year, Ive learnt so much within these few months. I'm close to 50 posts (yeah!) and slowly getting opportunities in the field I enjoy: Photography! So I just wanted to take this Thanksgiving day to thank all. First and foremost I want to Thank my Mom for always being my guidance to do well, Dad for supporting me, my brother for pushing me to work harder and Friends for encouraging me. I also want to give out a HUGE thanks to all my followers and growing friends who have stumbled on to my pictures and left kind thoughts about each of my work. These are what push me to do better each day! So thank you all!
I am also going to use this wonderful Thanksgiving day to share some pictures of my equipment which I love and cherish. Nothing much said other than I LOVE my collection of lenses and am so grateful for my Canon 5D classic. So here are the pics and Have a wonderful rest of the year! :)


Srividya said...

whoah! that's some equipment :)

Anjana said...

wow!!! Wish I have a this kind a collection.. :D