Mar 2, 2012

Warrior Princess

So today was a scary day for me. Not only was this my first shoot with a horse it was also the first time someone got hurt at the photoshoot. Everything was going great. The makeup and hair was coming along wonderfully, the designer brought some gorgeous dresses for the gorgeous model to wear and the horse was getting brushed ready for the shoot. As we move to the grass area we hear wind picking up, still everything was fine. And we get to this perfect location - trees all around, the greenest grass you could ever find, everything looking gorgeous. The model gets ready to go on the horse and all of a sudden the wind picks up as she is climbing on the horse and the horse decides to throw her over. She flips over the front of the horse and lands on the grass. I think one of the bravest models I have ever seen. I learned a lot today - nothing is predictable and even if everything is perfect you have to take small steps. And people's safety is first and foremost! Super glad to share that the model is doing great and she only suffered a sprain on her hand. Thank you chauntelle for being so brave! Models like you really show what this Industry is all about - strength and beauty! 

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