Oct 27, 2010

Published!: Guest Post on Tiffinbox

Hey Guys
Just wanted to let you guys know that Ive guest posted in a really cool blog called Tiffin Box. Yup that's right...the one you probably remember carrying to school filled with yummy mummy food. :)

Anyways, Tiffinbox is produced by Seshu, a Connecticut based Documentary Wedding & Portrait photographer. He is a hardworking person who finds in an already busy schedule just enough time to help others by organizing guest posts. Its a really cool concept where photographers and artists can share any valuable information and tips that might help other upcoming and professional photographers. I have posted on the subject of Passion turning to Photography. I hope the words are inspiring! So DO check it out! My post and others! :) Thank you guys for being so kind.

Guest Post Link: http://tiffinbox.org/3-things-to-consider-when-photography-turns-into-passion/

Much love.

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