Oct 24, 2010

Models Photoshoot

This month I prepared a shoot to start building a Portraiture/Fashion portfolio. I was planning for weeks, I could even say several months before for lighting and camera techniques (looking thru fstoppers/famous fashion photogs websites). I had signed up on a Model search websites to select models to come in and also figured out ideas for the shoot. After planning for weeks I had called in two models on a certain Friday morning. I wanted to do it right so I got a Make-Up artist and a Hair stylist to come in for a TFP (time for print) style shoot. I really think that the MUA's and Hair make the most of the shot. They were able to translate whatever I had in mind very well on to the models and really made each shot! Anyways, I have to say it was definitely harder than I expected to do a fashion photoshoot! Like all planned events, everything was falling apart the day before the shoot. The models I had initially called in started to cancel on me and decided to tell me the day before. And so began the quest for choosing the models all in the last minute. I must say I had some kind of blessing since the models who did show up and work with me were the easiest to work with and the kindest. I think they gave some wonderful looks. The themes were set to smoky headshots and beauty headshots with pearls. Its was a fun day and I think I got some great results for my portfolio. A lesson well learnt is that everything can fall apart especially in the last minute but may be its for the best to come through! And its not easy doing fashion shoots! But now that ive gone thru the experience I just cant wait to try more. Here are the beautiful shots from this day. They have been color corrected and photoshopped like all beauty shots. :]

Techniques: One Light AB800 and teathered shots
Models: BrieAnna and Chrissy Mae
MUA: Diana
Hair stylist: Jennifer


Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam said...

Gorgeous shots! Especially the b&w one with pearls :)

Srividya said...

Great shots. My fave is also the B&W one with the pearls thrown in :)