Jan 1, 2010

Year highlights of 2009!

This past year - 2009- has been an incredible year with lots of changes for my life and my family. Crazy and Great changes. Yesterday, I just finished up my last post of the year and decided to just go back and read some of my old posts. I decided to use the first day of this year to reflect on the past and compile the highlights from this past year 2009:

1. The start of this blog - I hadn't given much thought into it last year but decided to start a blog because I wanted to share my interest in photography. Didn't know i would love blogging and getting response. It was one year ago, exactly today that I started with a post on who I got inspired by: My Heroes
2. Getting my Canon 5D - I had a Canon XTi before but when I got my 5D I was just the happiest person on earth. I had dreamt of having this camera and it happened this year! Its not MarkII but Im happy with the classic because of its beautiful picture quality and the raw manual camera-like feel. thanks ma! :)
3. Traveling to National Parks in U.S. - i love traveling and love to go to national parks. i usually hike and try to find different places to take pictures. its also fun to meet other photographers at these nature spots and see what cameras & lenses they are using.
4. Getting my Portrait lens and Telephoto lens - a lens just improves ur perspective. For any occasion or festival, I stick to asking for lenses or money to save (lol...im poor btw). and so i save up the money to buy them plus my mom once again is super sweet in supporting me!
5. Trip to
India - I got to take my Canon 5D to a beautiful country full of colors and culture. Plenty of incredible landscape, architecture, and people to photograph.
6. Buying my Flickr pro account - I know this is cheesy but im always on Flickr and looking through numerous photos and hoping others are looking through mine. When i got my pro account I felt like I was in a new club with the pros. ;) I try to post at least one pic a day and stumble through all my friends.
7. First photo shoot with my Brother - he was amazing and ready to do whatever. it was really nice since i was in trial with him. I think I learnt the most from this shoot especially on how to instruct a model - a key to this industry.
8. Winning EarthShots.org - It might not be a big deal for some people but I think earthshots.org is a really nice website with an amazing collection of photography. And to be part of that collection was like a step towards becoming a professional.
9. Photo assistant job with a pro photographer - Working for a Fashion/Glamour photographer and one that was really nice since it was my first time was a great experience. I will never forget it!
10. Internship with YMCA - Im just so happy about this last great thing I got in 2009. An actual job with a huge company! and my boss is super sweet and super friendly. Im so thankful for this job.

If one year can do all these changes...i am really looking forward to what this next year has for me and for us! :)


Maddy said...


Wishing this New year brings loads of things for you to be happier! Keep clicking

Just now read your Temple tour in TN, Are you by any way(rather your grandparents) from Salem/Salem dist?

Vid :) said...

I love it, Poovers :)
I don't know how you do it, but pass on the talent :P

<3 you!