Jan 15, 2010

10 Goals for the Year 2010

After doing a Year highlight of 2009 for the first post of this year I have kept wanting to do this post- A post of Goals for this year. here are the top 10 i came up with and its all related to photography!

1. First, Learn Better Photography. I want to awe you guys with each picture I upload, just like the ones I get awed! Check out my favs on my flickr.

2. Learn Photoshop. Although I'm not a big fan of manipulating photos and haven't used it in any of my pictures so far, I really would like to learn it well. The last time I really used it was when I was a photojournalist for my school newspaper.

3. Build a good Portfolio. Right now I have a very small portfolio and its very basic but this next few months, I would like to schedule some models and photograph some ideas. So if your around SoCal (southern California, USA) area and would like to be my model so you can build your portfolio and I can build mine, email me so we can schedule a date: meerasphotography@gmail.com.

4. Launch a Website! This one is actually a biggie! I want to start a website so you don't have to come to my blog and scroll to see the pictures everytime. A better presentation of my work. :)

5. Create self-portraits- This is just a year goal in general. I don't think I have the patience to do the 365 or 52 project so just going to do 12 for each month. So decided to this simple version so its easier for me to stick to the goal! :)

6. Work with studio equipments. Its definitely something I really want to get my hands on- Studio lighting with Umbrellas and Soft boxes.

7. Do more Darkroom. I love film photography and with the recent vintage collection I would really like to develop and print my own film. Ive lost touch...so need to get back to it!

8. Get Clients. This basically means that I'm looking for a job. :)

9. Travel more. I love to see new places and explore. This year Im going to jump on all the opportunities to travel. yeah...cant wait!

10. Reach out to more people. I'm really thankful for the few that stop by and comment. It really does keep me going. So now the goal is to reach out to more people! If your one of those who stop by please leave comments. Thanks in advance! :)


Srividya said...

Impressive list. Good luck with it :)

Maddy said...

Wishes. May your dreams come true.

If Dubai in your list of places to visit,let me know

Anonymous said...

Let your goals come true as the infinite blue sky and beyond!

Best wishes :)

Meera said...

Thank you guys!

Prasanth Iranikulam | പ്രശാന്ത് ഐരാണിക്കുളം said...

It's Great,
All the best meera,
May god bless you.

Subinkrishna G said...

This list is cool! Lot of things man! OK. Here goes my comments on each of 'em.

1. Totally agree. Learning is a continuous process.
2. We need to do PS even if we don't like it. Look at NatGeo, they have mastered this art - post production :)
3. Sorry, I cannot travel all the way to US for it :P
4. In fact this is not at all a big thing! Get your domain, get some space, get some good templates (I prefer WordPress + some good photo-blog theme) & customize it a bit.
5. This is really cool. I do it all the time. I don't really trust anyone else to put me in front of the camera !
6 & 7. I have not tried it yet. So... no comments :(
8. All the best. Make a good "first" step.
9. We really need to do this. I'm too bad in it.
10. Socialize more. Promote you as a brand, by yourself. It's not very difficult these days :) We got facebook, myspace, twitter and many more !

-- Subin