Sep 13, 2009

I won Yesterday!

As my daily routine when i get online I check my emails and flickr explore. I also check National Geographic Photo of the Day and Earth Shots Photo of the Day. I feel like these websites have some of the best choices of Photography. The Photographers behind these photos have and are striving to bring some of the best captures of wonderful places or things in their everyday life.

So I hadn't checked Earth Shots for couple of days since my Internet was down. And this morning I decided to catch up on the winners and their websites. I was looking at today's winner and slowly scrolled down to find my picture. It took me a second to realize...that's my shot! This was a shot i had submitted a month ago and after submitting the picture they tell you the best way to see if your shot won is by checking this site everyday and most likely will appear in a month if you win. Back then I didn't think I had a chance to win on this website. But man was I so happy that I won yesterday! So I checked out my picture and the comments and rushed to tell my family and friends. I was so happy today for getting some recognition for my picture. I just wanted to say thank you Earth Shot for choosing my picture and thank you Earth Shot followers for wonderful comments. And as for you guys following my photo blog...i want to thank you as well for giving me comments from time to time. It really gives me a lot of inspiration when I get feedback. So check out Earth shot and my picture: Morning Bath


Srividya said...

Such a brilliant shot and woo-hoo for winning on earthshot!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations... A wonderful shot!

Maddy said...

Congrats Meera! How about updating your post?