Sep 9, 2009


I decided to post on this day..since its one of those days that only happen in few decades...the 9/9/9. I remember the 6/6/6 was a bad luck day since people believed to be omen and so with 3/3/3. I find this unique since a lot of weddings get booked on such days for the couples to enjoy these memorable numbers. Is it goodluck or badluck? No one will know...but numbers and numerology are fun subjects that start up a good conversation. So today's post has nothing to do with these numbers but just did this for fun and capturing the time. After all photography is just that- Capturing a moment in time.

So I'm posting today about a clicker I bought this weekend: the Canon Timer Remote Controller - Canon TC 80N3. Its an amazing clicker as you can set timers. It can be used as a self timer, interval timer, long exposure timer, and also had exposure count setting. I haven't learnt much yet since I am still getting used to it but its a lot of fun so far. I had the most fun playing with torch lights at night to light only certain part of the frame. On the first night I used it at our local beach in San Diego and got few cool clicks. So here are those pics:

Lifeguard #4
Focal length: 24mm
Shutter speed: 38secs
ISO: 100
Aperture: f/4

Lighting up the sky
Focal length: 24mm
Shutter speed: 30 secs
ISO: 500
Aperture: f/4

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