Jun 12, 2011

Photoshoot: Alexis MC

Here are some images from Fridays’s shoot with Model Alexis. A gorgeous Agency represented model I had been planning to work with for more than a month. Finally I got dates with her and a wonderful location to do the photoshoot. I love these editorial type shoots as I learn so much on each one. I think its important for me as a photographer to keep trying new things and keeping the creative juices flowing. The shoot was organised by myself and Cydney Hernandez, a San Diego based Make up and Hair Artist. I’m going to split the blog post up into many parts as we had very different looks and themes. I must say this Model was wonderful to shoot with and it was very hard for me to choose any image or delete anything for that matter. Thanks Alexis! :]

Here is the first look- A gorgeous off-white dress rosette dress. I had her stand in front of purple potato flowers. I also placed her in front of a tree for the natural light shot as the sun pierced thru the tree. All the images here below are shot with natural light.

Model: AlexisMC
MUA&Hair: Cydeney Hernandez
Photography&Styling: Pavithra

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sjf_1979 said...

What a fabulous idea. Love it!