Feb 9, 2011

Photoshoot: Model Lidia

These were shot in my (home) studio. Ive been trying to build a good portfolio and working on understanding lights and angles. I have to say more than photographing its the post processing thats taking forever. Since Im still pretty new to Photoshop - its been pretty hard to understand skin tones and color correction. Thanks to hours of youtube videos and post processing help...ive come this far. Here are shots of a wonderful model: Lidia Domagalska. She gave me some beautiful looks especially the feather! And i have to give all props to the MUA: Diana Rodriguez who did such a wonderful job with her eyes. Thanks! Do comment and tell me which photo pleases u more so I get an idea of public appeal! :]

Girl with the Feather


Black and White


Model: Lidia Domagalska
MUA: Diana Rodriguez

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