Dec 31, 2010

A Year in Review

As today marks the last day of this year 2010, I thought I would take some time to post quick highlights from this year. Ive actually been looking forward to the new year. With that being said I do not mean Im not thankful for 2010. I think all the ups and downs have some sort of play in our life- and gets you grounded.

This is my last of self-portraits goals -shot with a Nikon D90 on the last day of the year. My family and I were vacationing at Santa Barbara/Solvang. This was shot just as the sun was setting and I just took a few minutes to enjoy it and soak it in. It is beautifully blue!

I had set a lot of goals for 2010 and I would say I have not completed most. I realize sometimes life can take you in an unplanned path - good or bad we wont know until we reach the end. So I want to just share the good from this year:

  • doing a photoshoot with models - working with people your not use to
  • getting a job in a studio - learning the work flow
  • being able to pour my heart out in tiffinbox - i got a lot of good response
  • a new light - opens new doors in photography ;]
  • and getting in front of the camera with self portraits- always a good way to build confidence
I didnt want to do too much of a detailed post since I want to keep the new year open to change. Here's to the new year...cheers! ;]

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