Sep 30, 2010

Working for a Studio

So I have just started working for a local photographer to get the knowledge of Studio style photography. Its at a wonderful location here in San Diego and the best of all the photographer - Jessica (my boss) is a very wonderful person to work with. She is very kind, teaches me photoshop techniques, shows me what I can do to improve on business side (which i have none of) and shows her work flow. It has been a great experience since I get to see from assisting at the shoots to doing the lightroom and photoshop workflow all the way to printing and handing it to the customers. Oh did I say she has the best models!! Babies! :) So here is her website: check out the wonderful baby and family photography! :) thanks

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மீனாட்சி சுந்தரம் - Meenatchisundaram said...

Congratulations! Pavithra. Do share what you are learning through this blog.