May 17, 2010

Shooting 120 film

Shooting film is the best way to keep your roots in touch. I shoot now and then whenever I get the chance to carry the extra camera to the location. These were taken on a drive near San Diego- route 67 (not the famous 66! ;) ) and were just casual shots taken with my Yashica TLR camera. It was fun learning how to load film...shoot...and unload. If I had messed up then I would have gotten zip nada! Anyways, it all worked fine with the help of Youtube and the camera store guy. I had to wait few weeks to see the final result since its 120film ( only certain photo labs process such film). Here are some good results... enjoy!

p.s. all the shots come out in a square framing...which i think is a cool result! :)

1 comment:

SACHIRA said...

Great work, specially the last one with the shadow of clouds on mountains.