Apr 12, 2010

Life is Wonderful

Today, I made a short HD video. Had one of the most beautiful days in terms of weather here in San Diego with rain and then sunshine and then rain again! funky and fun! And it was my birthday! YAY! So hung out with family, friends and dogs! Had lots of fun and relaxed a bit! and then shot the video! :) For the first time I used my dad's Nikon D90! I kno...I went to the dark side since Im a CANON Girl! but my 5D doesnt have video, so used his camera to make a small video! first video! :) My inspiration was Jason Mraz song 'Life is Wonderful'. So enjoy! do tell me how it is (other than the shakey/wind blowing part!)
Thanks everyone!!!

Blogger Video Version:

Vimeo Video Version (fullscreen!):

Life is Wonderful from Pavithra Photography on Vimeo.


Regina said...

Wow great video!
Have a great day.

Piyush said...

Lovely video. Hope you had a wonderful birthday

tamjit said...

Happy b'day miss photographer...

Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam said...

I've run out of adjectives girl :)