Feb 28, 2010

Self Portrait - Month February

So here is self portrait for month two! This might be not as creative but I wanted to head out since it was a rainy day and I love rain! It makes the earth clean! :) I decided to take a picture under a pier because it gave a nice vanishing point look and I love the reflection. Anyways.. I have no interpretation other than just being with myself...and with my thoughts. so enjoy!


sandeep said...

nice frame - its a li'l difficult to spot u in the portrait though :) may have been better to keep it a li'l more tighter

Meera said...

@sandeep...picked a diff one now...should be brighter! thanks for letting me know. :)

Vid :D said...

awww, i like! :)
so this is what you've been busy doing while you have been keepin me in the dark :P
lol :)
lots of love :)
keep clickin' away, lady :)
you're amazing!

Piyush said...

Nice shot Meera!

Thanks for stopping by at my blog earlier and for your kind words. Really appreciate your feedback. Have a good week ahead :)

Sonia said...

Helllo this is sonia!

so vidya showed me your website and I have to say...


can you show me how use a camera properly? I'm going to spain next year and I want to take awesome pictures!

Anjana said...

Glad that I came across with your blog. you are a great photographer. keep up the good work.