Jan 1, 2009

My Heroes

This Blog is created to share my passion in life, photography. I should start by writing an introduction about myself but im not going to. I want to see my blog develop and create something that displays all my likes and my dislikes. So to start off I have decided to share some photographers and directors that makes me want to strive to work hard and get better.

Ansel Adams- Moonrise:

National Geographic- Steve McCurry- Afghan girl:

and from my motherland of india, im not too familiar with photographers but as for movie directors and cinematography: i love Mani Ratnam's movies and picturization.
One of his best is with PC. Sriram- Alai payuthey:

I also enjoy Mira Nair's and Steven Spielberg's work!

Thanks. Namaste :)


Anonymous said...

-wow, i love your photographs. theyre fantastic!

-lala.kati- said...

Your work is awesome!!

...And thanks! Because I've been thinking about the picture of the Afghan girl and finally I found it here.

Jeff Jeffery Jefferson Jr. said...

pretty good photos